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Monday, January 24, 2011

Sourashtra Unicode font Version 1.0 Information

I am re-producing the content of release version 1.0 of Sourashtra Unicode font


ꢥꢪꢱ꣄ꢒꢵꢬ꣄ (askitenko namaskaar),

Sourashtra language has few fonts(Suresh(u), Kuber,Sangudhaari) developed to write and read using the computer medium. To take a step further, a font for Sourashtra in Unicode standard is developed and attached with this mail(attachment name: sourashtra.otf). Existing Kuber and Sureshu fonts' characters are updated and added to complete this font.

Please remove/uninstall the existing version if the same font(Sourashtra.otf/
Sourashtra.ttf) is already installed before installing the new font.

Only Windows operating system and Firefox browser supports sourashtra Unicode, currently. It will take sometime to support the sourashtra Unicode by other applications. Please check whether you have the following software before using the font.

Operating System: Windows
Net Browser: Firefox , Epic
Font Installed: Sourashtra.otf

You can read few writing in the following websites/pages.

I will recommend to go through the attached images which has been taken from books that were used to teach Sourashtra for a long time. These images will help you learn the exact character shape. Because, computer font shape and size depend on the application/software used.

There are couple of videos in youtube to learn Sourashtra.

To write sourashtra in unicode, an intermediate application/software is needed which is in development. I will circulate the same after completion.

To complete the unicode font, following people are very helpful and I thanks them.

1. Sureshu and Kuber font - the base fonts
2. High-Logic Font creator - Tool used to develop the font
3. O.S.Subramanian - Providing the images in the attachment
4. M.S.Sureshkumar, R.N.Sridharan and O.S.Subramanian - testing and providing feedback for the font.
5. Sorry if I have missed anyone.

Please forward this mail to others who are interested in Sourashtra reading/writing.

Please send me a mail( if you need any information on the usage of font.

ꢪꢹ ꢬꢾ ꢦ꣄ꢬꢨꢸ

muu re prabu)


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  2. My software "Neembuu Uploader" is translated to Sourashtra. Is NeembuuUploader the first software in Sourashtra? or there are any other available?